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Michael Pollan publishes an inspiring article, "Why Bother?" to The New York Magazine in April 20, 2008. Pollan desires to discusses the problems with society and how climate changed can be impacted. With only a few words in one can tell how passionate Pollan is in illustrating his "why bother?" question. A strong suggestion Pollan encourages, to his readers, is gardening. Gardening soothes the soul, produces more local produce, and reduces ones ' carbon footprint according to Pollan. Throughout the article, Pollan shows he understands that to make a differnece about climate change it may be difficult and a long process but is possible. By adding humor, specific diction, and concessions Pollan can make his argument in why we, as a society, should bother to do something about climate change. In the article "Why Bother?", Michael Pollan discusses the issues of climate change and why individuals should do something about it. Pollan states his claim of wanting to alter climate change when he says "So do you still want to talk about planting gardens? I do. Whatever we can do as individuals to change the way we live at this suddenly very late date does seem utterly inadequate to the challenge." ("Why Bother?") Clearly, Pollan wants to make a difference even if it seems …show more content…

Pollan 's diction also illustrates his confidence in what he is talking about. For instance, he uses words such as "the single greatest lesson"(Pollan 7) and "so much that needs to be done" (Pollan 5). By adding such specific vocabulary to his article, Pollan is able to show exactly how he portraits his view on climate change. Clearly, these vivid words add to the sense of how serious Pollen wants his audience to see the issue. Rather than simple saying "the lesson", he adds "single greatest lesson", illustrating how important and descriptive his view is. Adding these specific words catches the audience attention thinking that since Pollan is so descriptive his view must be serious and worth

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