Michael Pollan's Argument Essay: Why Bother?

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In the early 2000 Al Gore once said, “The planet is in distress and all the attention is on Paris Hilton.” In the same theme, Michael Pollan writes, “Why Bother?”, an article from The New York Times Magazine published in 2008 telling Americans they are too consumed with themselves and maintain a “cheap-energy mind”. And here, in 2016 climate change is seriously happening and the nation is still not addressing the gravity of the issue and why we should indeed bother to make changes. It is time that this nation discerns that climate change is real and it is happening as we speak. Climate change is a threat to each and every one of us and imperative to the survival of life on this planet. “Climate change is upon us, and it has arrived well ahead…show more content…
Pollan shows in the article the importance of making changes and the effects of simply growing a garden. “But there are sweeter reasons to plant that garden, to bother. At least in this one corner of your yard and life, you will have begun to heal the split between what you think and what you do, to commingle your identities as consumer and producer and citizen” (Pollan 2008). Concluding solutions and acting together will be good for something. It has to start with with us, simply just guests of Mother Nature and the change has to start now. Maybe it is time that Americans stop being self consumed and come together to make a vital adjustment. Just think if one individual commits an act making a difference and then shares that knowledge to one other individual and then that individual does one thing and so on, and on. Change will occur as a result and it is about time we take responsibility for our planet. It is indisputable that climate change does exist, the drought, the hot winter and now is the time to make changes. Even though, these changes are very late, it is the least we all can do to leave behind for our children and their
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