Michael Porte's Competitive Advantage

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3.2 RANGE OF STRATEGIES THAT CAN CONTRIBUTE TO A BUSINESS COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE When a business thrives in gaining competitive advantage, it often sets eyes on a manifold of strategies that aim to em-better its image and its competitive positioning. It focuses on strategies that may help increase its rate of consumers acquisition, retention and satisfaction; strategies of industry and competitors analysis. Moreover, it sets eyes on those strategic process to build strong investments portfolios ( Liquidity) that can help establish longevity and leadership in the market. Competitive advantage inevitably leads to faster, continual exponential growth, increased sales, market share gains and overall business profitability. Competitive…show more content…
Porter 's generic strategies: Michael Porter identifies two types of competitive advantage: Cost and differentiation. He then outlines three primary ways for companies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Cost, differentiation and focus with in a broad or narrow market scope. (Porter, 1987) Figure 1: Michael Porte 's generic strategies and market scope. Source:…show more content…
Additionally, efficient distribution channels, optimal outsourcing and vertical integration, bargaining power to negotiate the lowest price for production inputs as well as high buying capacity all participate in making cost leadership a go-to strategy for high return on investment and profitability. The possible downsides of this strategy can vary from low workers remunerations to exploitation of unskilled workers. The advantages of cost leadership are often threaten by external business environment threats such as higher minimum wages laws. Examples of successful cost leadership organisations: WAL-MART.INC (ASDA), Costco, MCDONALD 'S, IKEA. Cost advantages stem from the fact that a company can quickly reap higher profit margins despite selling products or services at competitors price due to lower production costs. Higher profit margins lead to more price reductions, more investments in products developments, R&D and innovation; and ultimately greater value for
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