Michael Runke's The Revenant

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Have you ever heard the phrase don’t leave a soldier behind? Well, in the book The Revenant by Michael Runke, two workers leave another peer behind and consequently he ends up getting his needed vengeance. The Revenant is a historical fiction book that tells about the life of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company and a lamentable soul that was left behind after a bear attack. This book is action-packed, full of adventure, gore, revenge, and much more. To me this is a grade A book and definitely deserves a read. So come along, and learn about the series of unfortunate events that Hugh Glass faces on his way to get revenge on his “murders.” Hugh Glass, the toughest worker for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, goes through plenty of endeavors. He has to deal with other workers like Fitzgerald and Bridger, Fitzgerald who is a devious worker that has a bone to pick with everyone and Bridger, one of the young workers that will do most anything for a reputation. Luckily, he has a tremendous captain by the name of Henry, who sticks up for him and notices his great work. There is a plethora of settings, some include the Trappers Camp where the members worked, and where Glass was attacked by a bear. He was also on many trails, for example Fort Union, where the Rocky Mountain Fur Company lingered, and the Big Horn River Fort, which is…show more content…
During the Exposition, we meet some of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company trappers, and the captain. In the Rising Action the main character, Glass, gets attacked by the bear and captain Henry leaves Fitzgerald and Bridger with him. In the climax Fitzgerald sees an Indian tribe and leaves glass and goes with Bridger. In the falling action Glass makes his way to the new fort on the Horn River and when he gets there he beats up Bridger but decides to not kill him. Finally, he tracks down Fitzgerald at Fort Atkinson and shoots him in the shoulder and shortly gets
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