Michael Shaara The Killer Angels Analysis

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The battle of Gettysburg, where around 51,000 deaths occurred and around 5,369 were captured or missing. One of the largest and bloodiest battles fought in North America. Separated groups known as the Union army and the Confederate army. Lasting about 4 years , it was caused by one of the largest military conflicts in North America history which lead to a 3 day battle. People today have a more likely chance of preventing severe illnesses or bleeding out with the right materials, sadly we can’t go back in time to show our improvement in medicine today. In the story “The Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara, 3 people were injured or had a health issue and will be talked about here. John Buford was a brilliant commander, dedicated with lots of experience. He fought for the union army as a brigadier general. During the war, he was leading his men at Fort Lewis trying to gain more time so Pope could retreat. Leading he is wounded by a spent bullet went in his knee. Back then the only way shooting a gun was with smokeless or black powder and the spent bullet which caused serious damage. His wound wasn’t sereve so they saw it not concerning and amputation wasn’t going to happen. Today’s modern medicine to treat a wound like that you would get a scan like an MRI or CT scan to see if any serve damage to the bone and soft…show more content…
Lee was a gentleman, religious man, and considerable patience. He was the top commander of the confederate army. He had symptoms such as shortness of breath, pain (headaches), and sore throat. Beginning he was in denial about his health issue and thought it would go away on its own. They diagnosed him with pneumonia, but wasn’t too sure on what was causing his illness. Back then they would treat them with liquor or wait and see what happens with patients. In today’s modern medicine treating pneumonia you would get medication such as antibiotics or penicillin antibiotic to kill bacteria and decrease chances of making the illness
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