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I give Michael Vey Battle of the Ampere 5 out of 5 stars because it was funny, descriptive, and emotional. Michael is on his own in the jungle with Jaime. Michael has to save his friends from the Peruvian army before they stand trial for terrorism, and could possibly get charged with the death penalty. Hatch and his electric children have taken over the ES Ampere (the Elgen’s headquarters) and now with full control of the Elgen fleet, Hatch goes to Peru to get his army together and starts putting his plan in motion for global domination. Michael and his friends have to stop Hatch, but Hatch already knows they are coming. The first reason I gave Michael Vey Battle of the Ampere 5 out of 5 stars was because it was funny. For example, on page 21 it says, “‘Hey, glow boy. She doesn’t speak English.’ I…show more content…
On page 134 it says, “Suddenly Tessa screamed. ‘What’s that?’ ‘What?’ ‘In front of us?’ I looked forward. There was another log ahead of us. Except it wasn’t moving downstream. ‘It’s just a log,’ I said. ‘It must be stuck on something.’ ‘I don’t think it’s a log.’ I looked again. It wasn’t a log. It was a massive caiman. ‘Oh, crap.’ ‘Michael…’” I chose this quote to show a particular emotion that is present at certain times throughout this book. Fear. It shows Tessa’s panicked reaction when they realize what the log actually is that is coming towards them while they are crossing the river. Another emotion you will see in this book is grief. On page 176 it says, “Time seemed frozen, disjointed like broken sequences cut out of a horror movie. Jack’s hands and torso were drenched in blood and he was screaming in anguish. All of us were crying, even Tessa, who didn’t know either of them.” I thought this quote showed the Electroclan’s sadness and anger towards what happened in this moment of the book and how the members expressed their
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