Michael Vey Storm Of Lightning Analysis

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Could you imagine having to live weeks not knowing if your own mother was even alive? This is the crazy life that Michael Vey and the Electroclan have to wake up to everyday. In the novel Michael Vey Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans, Michael and the rest of his electric friends, the Electroclan look to kill Dr. Hatch and the Elgen for good. While trying to stay alive themselves. The group journeys all around the world to attempt to wash the Elgen off the face of the earth, but everywhere they go there’s always just one unanswered question. Will they make it back alive? “ Ostin’s mother looked beside herself with joy. My own mother was, as usual, looking calm and happy. She was standing next to Joel. Gervaso stopped the van. “ Welcome…show more content…
The reader sees what Michael sees as he tells the story as he knows, it from his point of view. I used this topic sentence to show that this incredible story was being told to the readers through Michael’s point of view. This story being told by Michael makes the story completely different than it could have been. For example, if this story was being told from Dr. Hatch’s point of view the reader would be drawn to believe his beliefs were right because he would have been the protagonist of the story. Since this story is being told by Michael, the reader sees the real evil of Dr. Hatch and sees him as the antagonist instead of the protagonist. This is just because of who explains their beliefs to the reader. At the beginning of the story, Michael states, “My name is Michael Vey.” (Evans 15). This quote shows that the story is being told by Michael in first person because he introduces himself to the readers by saying, “My name is Michael Vey.” this shows the reader that Michael will be the narrator for the rest of the story. This is important for understanding the book because if you don’t know who the story is being told by or which side of the same story the reader is hearing. The protagonist and the antagonist of a story both have very different points of view, so which one the reader hears is crucial to the way the reader understands the
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