Michael Vick's Influence On Sports

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Athletes are prominent figures in today’s society, serving as role models for many who watch their every move. For these individuals, their notoriety is tied to fans, endorsement deals and organizations they are associated with, making it even more crucial to abstain from activity that would taint their image. Although it is ideal for them to be seen in a positive light, controversy involving these figures often arises and is not uncommon. An athlete’s actions, both personal and professional, are now inseparable in a society where media prevalence has great influence on their lives. This especially was the case for star athletes, Michael Vick and Tiger Woods, who were entangled into unfavorable activities. Their scandalous behavior outside the realm of sports was a target for scrutiny by both the media and public. Although the situations…show more content…
Michael Vick, known for his extraordinary talent as a quarterback, went from the star player for The Atlanta Falcons to owning the title of animal abuser. Law officials raided his Virginia home where dead and neglected pit pulls, in addition to dog fighting equipment were found. Over a period of six years, Vick and his accomplices fought pit bulls for a profit and executed several dogs that were deemed unfit to perform in those fights by means of drowning or hanging. Four months after the raid, Vick pled guilty to animal cruelty charges in August 2007 for his part in organizing the dogfighting ring, Bad Newz Kennels. After being sentenced, Vick delivered an apology that spoke of how disappointed he was in his actions and how they have affected those around him. He said that he took full responsibility for what the incident had caused and apologizes for his poor judgment (“Michael Vick: ‘I Blame Me’”).
Although the transcripts of Vick’s apology suggest sincerity, listening and seeing the actual press video maybe cause for some speculation. Vick’s apology began by him letting the audience know what

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