Michael Vita Observation

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Light poured in from the windows as we sat the table. The windows let in the late summer breeze, as well as the sound of rustling leaves.
Michael Vita is a large man with curly black hair and beard. He dressed scruffily, wearing a patched and sewn shorts coupled with a bleached stained shirt. His mouth was almost entirely obscured by his beard,but you could still tell when his lips were crooked up into a smile.
Michael Vita began cooking at a young age, joining his grandmother as she cooked. She was a private chef who often did catering work. He joined her in the kitchen observing what she and the other cooks were doing. After spending time in the kitchen with his grandmother, he realized that he wanted to work in the hospitality industry. Following high school, he attended two schools. He studied at the University for Hospitality management to learn how to run restaurants and hotels. However, he ended up leaving that school, “When I realized if I was running a restaurant and the chef quit and no one could do his job, then I would be out of luck.” Vita applied to the Culinary Institute of America to learn how to be a chef. After college, he planned to move to California and open his own
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The experience taught him a lot throughout the many years of being a chef he learned how to manage people and run a restaurant. “What would you recommend to anyone looking to become a chef?” “ I would recommend that they find the best chef that they can and learn from him. culinary school is not necessary work experiences just as good and sometimes even better. Learning on the job is the best way,just make sure you are not learning bad habits.” Though Michael Vita is no longer a chef, he still enjoys cooking. When offered a minor catering job, he will still accepts and he enjoys the experience. Though he is no longer a practicing chef I don 't think that he will ever stop being a
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