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2015 Storyline Abstract Designs Michael Wolff [ THE CHRONICLES AND THOUGHTS FROM AN UNLIKELY SOURCE, AN UNLIKELY FINISH TO WHAT IS A GREAT CONTROVERSY.] This was not intended to be as it is, it melted within our grasp COLD BURN Cell# (507)481-7278 Address 325 Apt# 107 Cederdale Dr. Owatonna MN 55060 The chronicles and thoughts from an unlikely source, an unlikely finish to what is a great controversy. By- Michael Wolff Through experience or time does it take to add to Nirvana? It is not only who you know but what you know as well, then it is what experience there may be as to what time it may be provided that is most important to life.-Michael Wolff Who in the entire world is too perfect to ask questions of desired knowledge,…show more content…
Even if that’s not the case and entirely opposite, then this mountain is also survival and a network of connectives that not so many choose to look at, or into for their own belief of thoroughly intentional conscious actionable thought, thus they are choice for misguidance, and choosing it FOR themselves. Internally my thoughts to another are mumbled in a crowd, but to another from my perspective are either blank, destructive, indifferent, uneducated, overruled, over simplified, lazy, crazy, and many more that could be mentioned. Here, I can give you a piece of my ideas for a moment. If for instance the original message Jesus was spreading were to be as I have said it has been, though oversimplified and used as a life to martyrdom, and not his message at all, leading the listener to guilt and fear, denial, and blindness, then in fact the Christ you believe in is only a figure of temperament that controls you, wars, politics at times, and great many things alike and not alike. In that case, you have a false idol and worship a false God and in effect will behave as you do and have done. Just to survey the place He created, only to return to the definition as that of being the anti-Christ in the return of the King (Another of mankind’s destructive creations), is destructive to a many fold way of uses against the lead congregation, and is supposed to come as an anti Christ item of wrath deemed necessary for “The Greater Good”. Hold on to your shirts everybody I’m not purposely making any attempt yet to change your life. My indecision as to whom you may or may not worship is not my choice and I willingly admit that, but if you look at the powers that be from not only His time but all the way up to our time, then not to forget that Christianity had made genocide a plausible thing because of the crusades (even though it had

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