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It was June 25, 2009. I remember this so vividly because this was the day Micheal Jackson died. I was in dallas texas with my mother and my father. We were in dallas for business. My mother and I were sitting in our hotel room when we saw this on the news. We were getting ready to talk to the concierge to see if there were any local laundromats in the area. They called us a cab and sent us to this very shady neighborhood infact when the cab driver saw where the front desk said we should go he was shocked. When we got to our destination I noticed there were bars on the windows which was instantly a red flag to me but not my mother. When we got out of the cab I noticed homeless people everywhere but my mom didn’t care she was determined to have our clothes washed. My mother and I were approaching the front door of the…show more content…
Once we left the dollar store we went back to the laundromat when my mother and I were approached once again and this time the man I the patriots jersey actually finished what he said. He told my mother and I that we shouldn’t be in this neighbor hood and that someone could hurt us. After talking to us for awhile the man started touching and grabbing at my mothers purse. He told us that he has been shot and that someone would hurt us if given the opportunity. This went on for about ten minutes before a young homeless women stood up on the folding table and yelled at the homeless man and said “Shut the fuck up the only person who would rob anyone in here is you!”. The man approached her and whispered loud enough for me to hear “I could get a lot of money out of this lady”. The young women then proceeded to kick this man right in the head in which the man decided to flip the table put her legs behind her head and start striking her in the face. I stood there in shock. I had never seen anything like this. So many thoughts were going through my head. Should I help? Should I

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