Michel Foucault's The History Of Sexuality

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Michel Foucault’s The History of Sexuality(1976), indicate that the history of sexuality is the history of oppression .The relationship of sex oppression always as power, knowledge and sex. Sex becomes an object to be oppress because it is unproductive in a capitalism society. The bourgeoisie not allow the workers use energy on sex, since workers’ energy is for production. Therefore, knowledge about sex and talk about it is control by the bourgeoisie. Rubin (1984) stated that “The realm of sexuality also has its own internal politics, inequalities, and modes of oppressing” (p.267). Sexuality is full of repression. She indicates sex hierarchies to point the sex have been good and bad, but it is not that dualistic indeed. Masturbation is one of the example that can show society always control sex strictly. Masturbation In “Sex and Society: Generations”(2009), Cavendish indicates that masturbation is the act of stimulating genitals and point of orgasm. It also can refer to self-stimulation of another person’s genitals. Self-stimulation can as be autoeroticism. Performing manually, by other types of body-to-genital contact, by use of sexual fantasies, visual stimulation, toys or other objects, or in some combination, all above this also masturbation. It is the most commonly practiced sexual act. It can be practiced in the presence of a partner, and partners may also masturbation one another as part of their sexual activity as well as it is often practiced alone. This is a

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