Michelangelo's David Analysis

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The art work I selected for the Museum project was an engraving of Michelangelo’s David by Jean-Baptiste de Poilly. This art work is made in Rome, Italy, Europe in 1704. In is an engraving in plane tone. It is an art work of a standing nude male (Philadelphia Museum of Art). David is one of the most famous art works of Michelangelo. Jean-Baptiste de Poilly made an engraving of the sculpture of David made by Michelangelo. This art work was done in 1704 (Philadelphia Museum of Art). In this art work, we can see that David is standing with a stone and slingshot in his hand. He is looking calm but he is getting ready to throw a stone at a giant man, named Goliath. David’s body is very muscular and looks very powerful and also his body is looking…show more content…
He believed that any image that an artist is making should be coming from the thoughts of the artist. He also believed that an artist should get those ideas of an image from the natural world around him, so, he thought that it is like finding the reality that which is hidden in the nature. He believed that images are hidden inside a stone and that an artist has to remove all the extra stones from the stone to find out the hidden image within the stone. He made the statue of David from 1501- 1504. The statue was located inside a public square in Florence, Italy. The height of the statue of David is 5.16 meters (Accademia.org). The statue is made of marble. The statue of David by Michelangelo weighs 12,478.12 pounds (Accademia.org). The story of David and Goliath is from the Bible, from the Book of 1 Samuel. In the story, Goliath is a giant man and David a small boy, is trying to fight with the big man, Goliath. In this sculpture, David is holding a stone in one hand and a slingshot in his other hand. Even though looks calm, he is about to aim the slingshot towards the giant man, Goliath. He is looking relaxed but he is preparing for the battle with Goliath
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