Analysis Of Michelangelo's David

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He has a sling over the left shoulder and a stone in the right hand and its believed that the intention behind the detail of the placement of his slingshot is not visible to the viewer, it is done so to emphasize on the fact that his victory was acquired through his cleverness, more so than his strength.
Michelangelo’s David can be interpreted as a symbol of the Florentine Republic getting ready to defend itself, it also signifies humanity rising to a brand new power: human greatness and beauty. A lot has been said about this masterpiece over the centuries but the most remarkable description of this work of art was given by Giorgio Vasari and it is a follows ‘Anyone who has seen Michelangelo’s David has no need to see anything else by another
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The multiple angles that can be appreciated makes it necessary to go around the piece. The enhanced volumes of the whole body as well as the drapery give the sculpture a “chiaroscuro” effect when it interacts with the light. This is an Italian word that means dark and light and refers to the volumes created or accentuated by the contrast of light over dark spaces and this is one of the main characteristics of baroque art.
The sculpture seems to go further than the material existence of the marble piece, its open lines directed to the exterior give the feeling of reaching outside its boundaries, this dynamism breaks the peace and static feel of the renaissance art.
Bernini was a prodigy in his field and this can be seen in all of his work and his representation of David is no exception. With this sculpture the observer can have a very close feel of what David was feeling in that exact moment, the artist manages to create an interaction between the spectator and the character’s soul, and this is very powerful. In this piece, realism was chosen over idealism, quite contrary to the other representations of David created before
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On the other hand, Bernini could have been inspired by Michelangelo’s great work, which doesn’t make him less skilled but allowed him to take his sculpting abilities to the next level, proved by his unique and special way to handle the material at hand, marble, never matched before or after
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