Michelangelo's Influence In The Florentine Renaissance

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One of the greatest artists, sculptors, architects and poets in the western region was Michelangelo. Michelangelo was born in March 6, 1475. He had great influence in the Florentine Renaissance. His career was fully documented more than any artist because they considered him as the greatest living artist in his lifetime period. His first known sculptor was 'Pietà '. Pieta made his reputation as a sculpture and when he returned to Florence he was well-known. After that he worked on another masterpiece which is David. He released his 'David ' in 1504 and that was the beginning of Michelangelo.
The Pieta sculpture helped Michelangelo’s career and made his reputation. The story of Pieta is that Jesus was placed in the Virgin Mary’s lap. She is holding his dead body after he was killed. The virgin’s body was larger than her son’s. The reason of that is to show how she is supporting and loving Jesus. However, if her body was smaller or the same size of his, it might be more difficult to her to support him. Furthermore, Virgin Mary appeared as young women and her young age symbolized her purity. (Totally History, 2012) “Moreover, this masterpiece is a magnificent work because it balances the ideal of the Renaissance Era with classical beauty evident in naturalism”. What is special about this sculpture is Michelangelo’s preciseness when he carved it. The Virgin Mary’s cloth looked like very natural and the folds didn’t appear like a stone.
The Ceiling of Sistine chapel was the
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