Michelin Turkey Case Study

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The sales of Michelin Turkey are carried in three different ways:
• Sales of Original Equipment: Michelin Turkey supplies the first tires to the vehicles manufactured by signing an agreement with vehicle producers such as Renault, Tofaş, etc. Factories report to the headquarters and work by signing renewal agreements every year. The Original Equipment Process for the first tires in Turkey market is as follows:
- In Turkey, Michelin Turkey works with 4 manufacturers, namely Ford Otosan, Oyak Renault, Tofaş/Fiat and Toyota.
- The vehicle manufacturer places a need request to Michelin as the tire supplier by determining the quantities and specifications. Michelin headquarters located in France evaluate these requests in
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When the tires are sold as a fleet, it is necessary to monitor the usage in km. After the vehicles are used for 150,000-200,000 km, the maintenance service is provided to the vehicles. The tires are regrooved and Michelin dealers complete this operation and the costs are charged to Michelin. After 20,000-30,000 km, the maintenance service is provided to the regrooved tires and the tires are filled, scraped, sealed and rethreaded so that the tires can be used for an additional 100,000-110,000 km. Hence, it is possible to use 100,000-130,000 km. more. In this context, Michelin Turkey worked with Mars, Omsan, Gökbora and Mercedes companies.
Sales channels are monitored as two separate markets in the tire industry: tire market for tires mounted to the vehicles on the factory (OE) and tire market for tires sold to the vehicle users through the dealers. In addition, the tire market is classified according to the tire type. Michelin Turkey employs separate sales representatives for passenger cars-light truck tires, heavy vehicles tires, agricultural tires and earthmover tires. Sales representatives are responsible for production promotion, following up the collections and involving in marketing
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The personnel information and salary increase matrices are recorded in the CHORUS database. In addition, Michelin Turkey manages the payroll management and salary payments of the managers that come to work in Michelin Turkey within the context of exchange programs that are implemented for managers. Hence, it is aimed to ensure a global perspective to the local structure by benefiting from the technical knowledge and expertise of the managers. Similarly, there are employees who are sent to work abroad as they are employees come to work here.
Human Resources Department organizes the trainings to the sales representatives that are newly hired. In addition to the vocational and technical trainings, the employees receive training about products and the organizational structure of the company. In addition to the trainings provided to new employees, experienced personnel continuously and regularly receive trainings.
Michelin Turkey determines the training plans according to the needs. On the other hand, the costs of training received abroad are charged to Michelin

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