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Michelle Obama Michelle Obama is influential because she made a big impact to women’s rights, girls education, and an inspiration to young African American girls for them to believe in themselves. She helped many people and received many awards for her legacy on everybody. She did some amazing things and you can learn some in this essay. For example, her early life, later life, and when she became first lady. Early Life Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois (source #5). Her father, Fraser Robinson III, worked for the Chicago Water Department (Source #5). Her mother, Marian Shields Robinson, stayed home taking care of her brother instead of working (Source #5). Michelle and her brother was raised in a tiny apartment…show more content…
She was also awarded best dressed 2008 and appeared 2 times in Vogue Magazine (source #6). In September 2007, she was awarded #58 in the most academically skilled in the Harvard 100 which was a book about valuable students once had (source #6). In 2015, she teamed up with her husband to make the "Lets Girl Learn" act to help young women to accomplish their goals and not be afraid to put themselves out there and she raised about $5 million (source #2). while being the first lady she also took care of her 2 daughters Malia and Sasha Obama (source #1). When she was the first lady she helped countless people, supported feminism, and created many acts to help not only women but also obese children and military families.(Source #2). After all of this, she was also a lawyer and a writer. She wrote many books and also solved many cases while being a loving mother and a great first lady (Source #1). Conclusion In conclusion Michelle Obama was a wonderful, brilliant, and smart First Lady that always put everyone in front of her and I believe she was, is, and will be amazing. Michelle Obama is what I wrote this essay about and I wouldn’t’ve picked another she is one of the best people to make an impression on the world. She was and still is very influential and as she once said, “I hope that people around the world will be as inspired as I am to step up and to speak out on behalf of girls around the world who struggle to go to school.” After she said that I knew who she really

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