Michelle Obama Naacp Speech Analysis

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The NAACP is organized to expand the nation, and “to secure those blessings of liberty” (Obama 418). In “Remarks to the NAACP National Convention” Michelle Obama speaks on the problems that African Americans communities have encountered. She gives this speech to promote her “Let’s Move” movement. Her main purpose is to change her audience’s outlook on childhood obesity, also to eat better food and exercise more. Ms. Obama uses many rhetorical strategies to convince the audience. Logos and Pathos were the most important rhetorical strategies. She also uses Ethos, but does not establish credibility clearly. The audience of this speech are members of the NAACP, which Ms. Obamas topic relates to most of the audience. This topic relates to audience…show more content…
Obama final case asserts the rhetorical strategy ethos to by showing her knowledge of childhood obesity. She uses ethos to give credibility to experts to support her speech. Mrs. Obama states a few experts but could have supported them more clearly. She gives credit to “FDA” by stating “were working with the FDA and the food industry to provide better labeling, something simple, so folks don’t have to spend hours squinting at labels, trying to figure out whether the food they’re buying is healthy or not.”(Obama 425) She provides us that the FDA is helping her with her campaign. A quote that Mrs. Obama stated unclear was “But we also know that healthy eating is only half the battle. Experts recommend at least 60 minutes a day of activity.” (Obama 426) She uses this quote to get their children to do at least 60 minutes of exercise a day but, instead of saying a company she uses “experts”. Another quotes she uses is “I have spoken to so many experts about this issue, and not a single one of them said that the solution is to have government tell people what to do. It’s not going to work.” (Obama 428) This is showing establish credibility, but she did not give anyone credit. Another company she gave credit to is the “Women, Infants and Children”. Mrs. Obama uses “WIC” as an example of African Americans being unhealthy. She mentions the WIC program as a place for women to receive breastfeeding support. She says babies that are breastfeed are less likely to be obese as a child.…show more content…
Mrs. Obama states “When stubborn inequalities still persist — in education and health, in income and wealth — I think those founders would urge us to increase our intensity, and to increase our discipline and our focus and keep fighting for a better future for our children and our grandchildren.”(Obama 419) Mrs. Obama speech is toward African Americans struggles. She gives several of reasons on what she has done to change childhood obesity. She also gives her audience advice on what to do with their children to get them healthier. By putting an end to food companies and television broadcasters from promoting unhealthy foods. It will change children and parents outlook on the way they eat. Mrs. Obama wants African Americans to take their rightful place in the world, treated
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