Michelle Obama's Ethos Pathos Logos

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1. The audience consists of, adults who are, experts, advocates, food company representatives, media representatives, and parents. To adapt to the audience, she gives illustrations of her parenting experiences, to relate to the parents in the audience. Her message is also adapted as she gives specific reasons the people in the room could change the eating habits of children. She also equally addresses parents, media representatives, and food company representatives. She also makes sure to directly address advocates, experts, and media representatives.

2. Michelle Obama convinces the audience of her credibility by aligning herself with the parents in the audience and by showing herself to be a consumer of both the food and media companies’ products. She gives an illustration about how she previously fed her family before finding out there were healthier options. She also mentions how she and her husband try to limit their children’s TV time like other parents. She most importantly strengthens her ethos by mentioning how eating habits have drastically changed in the past few years, meaning her Let’s Move! campaign was a success. Since that plan was successful it gives the perception that her suggestions are useful.

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Michelle Obama uses expert testimony, illustrations, and mostly statistics to strengthen her message about how to better influence children to eat healthy. By using three different kinds of evidence she follows the criteria for variety and keeps her audience interested. For her statistics, she follows the criteria of magnitude, like when she states “32 million children” are eating healthier. She uses the criteria of humor, by interjecting with her personal view, when giving a description of the action known as “pester power.” All the evidence is very suitable to the speech, which also follows the criteria for supporting
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