Michelle Obama's Role In Education

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The first lady to address the problems regarding the US’s education is Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama. She has some various points and messages, in which she tries to encourage the youth to hold onto their dreams and pursue a better education goal than ‘just’ high school. She talks about the power each of the youth has, that committing to a higher education will fulfill the student's potential and unlock many more opportunities for them. However, is Obama’s and hers 2020 goal realistic, since many students lack ambition? Michelle Obama starts up by stating that the US has to tackle the educational problem better, since a generation ago, the United States were nr 1 in college graduates and in the past decades the United States has slipped…show more content…
She states that leadership tasks in school may gain the student a better chance of getting into that school they want to go to after high school. Or that getting closer to the administrative leaders and teachers may benefit the student in a long run. She has a high political role and she talks about her own story in order to influence the students in a good way. She talks about her journey getting from bottom to the top, about her goals, dreams and all the fighting along the way. “Of course, I struggled”, and “my story, can be your story”, she states, trying to tell the students that ‘she’s been there’ and that she understands their struggle. Michelle wants them to have willpower, be motivated and dedicated. She points out that it doesn't matter what kind of education they are thinking of after high school. Whether its community college, getting a technical certificate, completing a training opportunity, or going off to a 4-year college, the thing that matters is, “once you’ve completed your education, you will have the foundation you need to build a successful…show more content…
Her way of reaching out to the students is by an open-minded and open-hearted communication, thereby her use of pathos focusing on the receiver’s feelings. She is honest and talks about the desire and passion for getting into Princeton, her personal life, but also the reality of hard times she went through; the hard times almost every student experiences. Her way of explaining and her use of words are not complex but rather simple and understandable since she’s speaking to high school students and not holding a political press conference. Michelle Obama has authority, she’s a former hardworking student, and the chance of the students being influenced and embracing her message is most likely. Since Michelle is such a role model and holds these speeches at high schools, really influencing and reaching out to the students, getting her message of the crucial importance of better education across, this contributes to the possibility that Obama’s 2020 goal is going to be a reality. Precisely the North Star goal of the United States again being nr 1 in college graduates, however, there’s a long way getting from nr 12 to nr 1. “No matter what path you choose, no matter what dreams you have, you have got to do whatever it takes to continue your education after high school”. Obama and Michelle shared goal,

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