Michelle Wilkins Case Study

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Michelle Wilkins, a 27-year-old pregnant woman, went through a tramatic event. She ended up at Dynel Lane's house after seeing an ad on Craigslist about free maternity clothes. Michelle said she had to go but thought Dynel was lonely because she just kept talking over her. She stayed a while longer and listened to Dynel, thinking she was being thoughtful. After finally deciding it was time to go, Michelle was guided down to the basement where Dynel claimed to have more maternity clothes. Out of nowhere, Dynel attacked Michelle. At first, it started as a simple tug on her sweater. However, it soon turned chaotic. As Michelle tried to escape, Dynel ended up on top of her and attempted to suffocate her with a pillow. Somehow, she managed to knock the the pillow out of her hands. As the attack came to an end, Michelle began losing consciousness. The final horrific event occured when Dynel took a knife to Michelle's stomach and cut out her child. Michelle awoke to, "blood seeping through my pants and I could feel my intestines outside of my body." The case was taken to court and Dynel was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder, assault, unlawful…show more content…
Wilkins trusted Lane because she believed she would understand being pregnant as well as being a mother. The belief of credibility is also present because Wilkin's thought that because she was a mother, she would understand.
Pathos: "cut the 7-month-old fetus out of her abdomen using two kitchen knives,"-The appeal is pathos is shown by including an unborn child in the event. People tend to get more emotional when children are involved because they are young and, in a way, innocent. Neither the mother nor the child deserved to go through this horrendous
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