Michian Underground Punk Scene Analysis

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ACTIVE READING QUIZ #5 What’s That Sound? (pgs. 381-390; 401-434) Please answer the following questions in paragraph/essay form. In order to answer these questions fully, feel free to use your textbook. Your answers should be your own words, however: no direct quotes will be allowed (without proper citations). Also, do not work with others on this quiz—again, your work is expected to be wholly your own. 1. Explain the roots of the American underground punk scene. Make sure to include the importance of the Velvet Underground in your answer. The American underground punk scene was started between the years1967 and 1975. During this time most of the rock scene was listening to psychedelia and main stream rock music. During this time period is when the American…show more content…
B) MTV first went on air on August 1, 1981 C)MTV played the Buggles’ video “Video Killed the Radio Star” 8. Explain how Michael Jackson and Madonna capitalized on the rise of music video. Michael Jackson was at the height of his career during the music video era. During this time he sold millions of records and he also won many awards. Madonnas success was similar to Michael Jacksons, her career depended on the visual aspect. Her singles and also her albums made her one of the most well known and important figures in pop music during this time. 9. How did Prince and Janet Jackson differ from MJ and Madonna? How were they perceived by the public (and the press)? Princes music established the racial differences and also the sexuality in the lineup during the mid-1980s. his music was imilar to Michael Jacksons but different in these aspects. Janet Jackson started her career by appearing on the tv sitcom Good Times and during the beginning of the 1980s she started to release her albums and also her singles. Through Janet Jacksons music she displayed confidence and also independence through one of her songs called control. 10. Explain the emergence of “girl power” in 19080s

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