Michigan Shivering Timbers: A Short Story

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The feeling of you waiting in the line for something, for a toy but this is not a toy. I was about to go scariest roller coaster in Michigan Shivering Timbers. We told our dad that we would meet him at Thunder Hawk. I felt like I was going to throw up, and Claire felt like she was going to have a good time. We got on and I wanted to get off. Claire and I went up the hill when we flew down and I loved it Claire felt like she was gonna throw up. We kept going Claire wanted to get on the ride. I felt good about going on the ride,because I just went on shivering timber. Me and my dad loved it Claire loved it too. There were loops hard turns it was awesome. When we got off we all felt sick but we all thought it was awesome. So we left to go get
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