Michoacan Culture

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History of Michoacán
The history of Michoacan has been studied by archaeological vestiges and other historical resources, such as the literary work of Michoacán, written in 1542, and it is known that the first settlers of the state were several Chichimecas tribes that arrived in different years, and consequently evolved in a different way.

The archaeological zones that have been found in the state, and that have helped to clarify the history of the birth and development of the ethnicities that gave inheritance and essence to the cultural configuration of Michoacán, date from the formative period or Preclassic (1500 a. C. to 200 to . C.), from the classic (200 a. C. A 800) and Postclassic (800 to 1000), and among them are: El Opeño,
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The culture of the state is expressed in the pre-Hispanic legacy of its first inhabitants and in the Spanish legacy during the colonial era of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, which today is a fusion with contemporary perspective.

Dance of the old in Patzcuaro
Michoacán retains an important tangible and intangible cultural heritage as its history is the cradle State of characters who promoted important social and ideological movements in the country, such as José María Morelos y Pavón (Morelia) and Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez (Morelia) in Mexico's independence; Melchor Ocampo (Maravatío) with the laws of reform; General Lázaro Cárdenas del Río (Jiquilpan) being President of the Republic with agrarian and petroleum reform, Alfonso García Robles (Zamora de Hidalgo) Nobel Peace Prize highlighting at the UN with his work to promote General disarmament as well as Jesus Romero Flores native to the city of (La Piedad) who was involved in the legalization of various articles in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican
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Among the contemporary artists of Michoacán are the famous composer Miguel Bernal Jiménez (Morelia) Impeller of the School of Music Conservatory of the Roses and choir "The Children Singers of Morelia". As well as in the plastic arts, Maestro Alfredo Zalce (Pátzcuaro) and the modern art sculptor Javier Marín (Uruapan). Michoacán has now positioned its cultural festivals, such as the Morelia International Music Festival, the Morelia International Organ Festival and the Morelia International Film Festival, among
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