Mickey And Mercy Grey Analysis

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The narrative concept of my term project follows “Mickey and Mercy Grey’’ follows a story of Mickey a 20year old finance and accounting student at UCT and MercyGrey a stereotypically beautiful girl in his class, whose beauty he is in awe of but she doesn’t pay attention to him, she even has no idea he even exists.

Mickey’s family used to have to make their own clothes when money was tight and opened up a fabric company which is now their staple and successful income. Everyone in his class wears usually bland but this one day Mickey decides to wear a shirt he made himself using the shine shine fabric and its this courage that sparks off a romantic encounter with the girl of his dreams.

“Narrative is that mode of thought by which we make meaningful sense of people(ourselves and others)
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The audience’s interest is kept as they realize that one needs to understand and explore not only themselves but every one that surrounds them in order not to simply judge based on what we see.
We realize a life lesson that there is so much more to a person if we just try to learn and look a little deeper than the surface

The iconic objet we chose to use is a red rose. According to Pro Flowers.com
‘’ A red rose began its illustrious symbolic history in Greek and Roman iconography where it was tied to Aphrodite or Venus or the goddess of Love. Late on in the early Christian times it became associated with the virtual of the virgin Mary…..
Through out its storied history the red rose still reigns as the ultimate symbol of passionate affection”

In society today a red rose is the ultimate expression of love that when one sees a red rose automatically sends a message of
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