Micro And Macro Environments And Factors Of A Multinational Company

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A multinational company , also termed as international company , is the one which has its head quarters located in a nation and its units working in different nations known as the host nations. The products produced by this company aims at catering the needs of the consumers in the countries in which it is operating.
On the other hand , a global company is that which supplies a product that is aimed to fulfill the needs of all the consumers across the globe. The company treats the whole world as single global market and maintains a single image in the minds of consumers all over the world through its autonomous bodies working in different parts of the world.
The marketing environment refers to the factors and forces that affect the working and strategies of a company. These factors can be present both inside or outside of the company. The marketing environment can affect both constructively and destructively i.e. it can pose both threats and opportunities for the company. It depends upon the strengths and the weaknesses of the company that how it uses the changes in the environment to alter its functioning.
The global marketing environment can be categorized in two types –
• Micro environment
• Macro environment
Micro environment factors mostly lie inside the company and affect its working where as macro environment factors are large societal factors affecting the functioning of the company from outside of the organization.
Various micro

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