Micro Fat Grafting Case Study

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Micro fat grafting or stem cell treatment of the face
Facial Fat grafting is a permanent filler of the face, commonly referred to as Stem Cell. This is one of the most unique plastic surgery. This is done to rejuvenate the face. Literally, as we age the face tends to deflate and elasticity depreciate. This is the major reason the skin become loosen hence, leading to a tired, dull, unattractive and flaw looking skin. And because of this, the fat present on the face appears bulge. What is seen next is wrinkled and fine lines face and this is why stem Cell Face Lift is been performed on such faces. The replacement of the loosed fat on the face during the aging process results into a youthful and refreshed facial appearance.

Facial Fat Grafting or Stem Cell is a procedures that transfer fat extracted
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Micro fat grafting has proven to be a very successful procedure in face rejuvenation and it goes well with people of all ages. People who get dissatisfied with their facial look due to the folds around their nose and mouth, in the cheeks, under-eye folds, or even the temples, and people who have a sad, tired and depressed look on their faces are the ideal candidates for Micro Fat Grafting.

What part of the face can Fat grafting be performed?
Fat grafting can be performed on every part of the face. But mostly, it is used to correct and add volume to folds that forms from the nose bottom to the corners of the mouth. It can also be used for cheek augmentation, lips injections and the face lower region to reduce deflation. This procedure is also good for the correction of scars and deep areas on the face. It is also effective for places around the neck that has fat loss.
Moreso, too much of fat injection is not necessarily required as a dose of fat injection can work magic in some people and while in some, several of these fat injections will be given before result can be achieved.

Why is Fat Grafting better than Dermal

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