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Keratoses are crusty, scaly spots on the skin. They usually develop on the face, ears, scalp, and arms or on the back of the hands, but they can appear on any part of the body, especially if it regularly exposed to the sun. Micro Laser Peel is a treatment to remove keratoses that is more than microdermabrasion but does not require the recovery time of a full skin resurfacing. Our specialist also prescribes Micro Laser Peel for scars, wrinkles acne scars, lax skin and pigment problems. For many patients, the procedure is done two to four times with about six to eight weeks between treatments. Healing may take about three to four days, so it is often recommended to have the procedure on a Thursday or Friday, so you can go to work on Monday.…show more content…
The most important thing to remember is to avoid direct sunlight until the treated area is fully healed. You should avoid tanning beds and sun exposure for one month before and after treatment. You may be asked to wear a sunblock that contains zinc oxide or titanium oxide as the main ingredient every day. Along with removing any keratoses that have formed on your skin, Micro Laser Peel will also make your skin look smoother and tighter, which is especially beneficial if it is performed on your face. You may have a more youthful appearance. Most instances of keratoses stay benign, there are studies that show up to ten percent may change to squamous cell carcinoma. Up to 40 – 50 percent of squamous cell carcinomas, invade the surrounding tissue and two to 10 percent of these are life threatening. There is no need to worry about your chances of developing skin cancer, when a Micro Laser Peel is a simple and convenient way to remove keratoses. If you have many keratoses, you have a greater chance of developing skin cancer. You may visit our specialist to find out if you are developing keratoses and if a Micro Laser Peel would be your best treatment

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