Micro Learning Reflection

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At the beginning of this college year I knew I was about to embark on a journey where I would experience what it would be like to teach. I knew I would have to focus on numerous modules dedicated to helping me teach but I never really expected the amount of time and dedication. As an engineering teacher there is almost a preconceived idea that all we do is get pupils into a class and tell them to make a project.
What I learned from my microteaching experience is that planning a lesson is where the battle of pupils gaining knowledge is won and lost. Every single class is different as I learned from my two micro teaching lessons where the classes were polar opposites. “Planning can be regarded as a process of transformation during which a teacher creates ideas for a lesson based on understanding on learners’ needs, problems and interests, and on the content of the lesson itself”(Richards and Renandya,2002). What I found really interesting during my micro-teaching experience was the effectiveness of Yelon’s framework. When I first looked at the framework I didn’t feel it was as of importance as what I do now. I realised that each activity plays a major role within learning especially motivation. ”According to the ‘expectancy-value theory’ a learner’s motivation is determined by how much they value the goal(s) your or they are setting, and whether they expect to succeed” (Petty 2014, p.41). When I was teaching to my classmates about climate change I knew that they would have no
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