Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Microbiologist

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The career I have chosen is a microbiologist, some of the main characteristics of the job are working with research teams, and other scientists and technicians. Studying microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and several other parasites. They do their work, and studies to learn, or figure out how these organisms live, grow, and interact with their environments. Planning, and conducting complex research projects, you can develop new drugs to combat infectious diseases, and any infection or sickness that could spread. A big part of the job is actually examining, and it’s a big skill among the job, isolating and maintaining cultures of bacteria or other microorganisms for study. They also must conduct, and prepare technical reports, publish research papers, and make…show more content…
There are many things employers look for they’d like you to have relevant postgraduate qualification, and some hands on experience. To receive a degree in microbiology, typically five GCSEs are needed, including science, English, Math as well as at least two levels, including biology and preferably chemistry. As a Microbiologist V, the wage typically ranges between $81,144, and $122,438 with a PHD. Positions of microbiology in our area that I could hold interest in are Faculty - Microbiology (South) San Jacinto College in Pasadena, TX. There is a lot of positive feedback including the development of your career, the security, workplace safety, and work-life balance. The workplace offers an on-site daycare, and even a fitness center, and a cafeteria to be fed each day on the job, also you are capable to get paid time off to be able to go on vacation, or take a break. A review shows that you’re provided with a great deal of responsibility at the organization, which has resulted in professional growth. Technical and soft skills training are generally offered each year which has also has contributed to professional

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