Water And Sewage Microbiology Exam

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Unit 4 Exam

Answer the questions fully, but do NOT more than is need to answer the questions (don’t write on and on and on….). Do Not COPY AND PASTE from any source. Please use your own words to answer. No plagiarism. You Must use Turnitin to submit the exam.

Water and Sewage Microbiology:
1. List the steps of in a water purification plant.
a. Screening to separate the large contaminants from the water
b. Coagulation to attract small contaminants
c. Sedimentation where water sits and finishes coagulation
d. Filtration to remove any small remaining contaminants and particles
e. Disinfection by disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine to kill microorganism or remaining bacteria
2. Explain the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary sewage treatment.
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Primary treatment involves the process of sedimentation. This process removed suspended solids form the waste. Secondary treatment removes and dissolves biodegradable matter from waste. Tertiary treatment involves the removal of any other contaminate present in the waste.
3. Describe a septic tank and explain its function.
A septic tank is large water tight tank that allows the removal of wastewater from a building and begins the primary treatment process by separating solids and organic materials before the wastewater is disposed.

Food and Dairy Microbiology:
1. Define pasteurization and describe its use in the dairy industry.
a. Pasteurization is using a high temperature for a short period of time to kill organisms that live in the milk. In the dairy industry, it is used to kill organisms that cause disease and help the milk to not spoil.
2. Explain the accepted standards in food and dairy analysis.
3. List the steps in cheese making.
a. Choose Quality Milk
b. Standardization- includes

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