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INTRODUCTION Microorganism are the small living thing that cannot be seen by naked eyes. Microorganism or microbes also exist in unicellular and multicellular. We can see microorganism using microscope. But before we get to see it, we need to know, where we can find microorganism and how. There are many microorganism around us such as in the air, soil, water and also in our body. Some microorganism are good for our body and some are not. Some microorganism help in photosynthesis for plant, help our body to digest food. For bad microorganism, they can be find at dirty place and can bring disease to human like HIV, AIDS, malaria and many more. In the subject of microbiology, we can know how to handle the microbes based on the history that had been…show more content…
Fungi form a phylogenetic cluster distinct from other organisms and are most closely related to animals. There are six major group of fungi, which are chytridiomycota, zygomycota, glomeromycota, ascomycota, basidiomycota and microsporidia. The cell wall of fungi is composed of chitin polysaccharide. Protist are also called protozoa, a word meaning “first” or “original” animals. Protist have been grouped together based on general similarities. They can be described as unicellular eukaryotes that are lack cell wall and that are colourless and motile. They exhibit a wide range of morphologies and inhabit many different kinds of habitats. Lastly, viruses are genetic elements that cannot replicated independently of a living cell, called the host cell. Viruses possess their own genetic information and are thus independent of the host cell’s genome. Viruses have an extracellular form, the virus particle, that enables them to exist outside the host for long periods and that facilitates transmission from one host cell to another. Viruses are the most numerous microorganisms in our planet and infect all types of cellular

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