Neuromorphic Chips Essay

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Abstract: Advanced processors are being developed with a motive to revolutionize what the technology could do for us. In this paper, the evolution and architecture of a neuromorphic chip which was released by the International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation very recently is discussed. It is a latest development of a wonder brain that could make up an advanced processor. Replicating human brain using a very large number of neurons on a supercomputer serves to be a neurological approach towards the brain inspired systems. These chips may serve as artificially intelligent agents by working many times faster than the normal personal computers and so they could be embedded in advanced processors where they may impart the processes like…show more content…
 Brain inspired chips have artificial intelligence where they exhibit the properties to excel in pattern recognition, speech recognition, image processing and machine learning.
 They have the tendency to handle complex operations very efficiently.

Where they could be used?
 Neuromorphic chips could be used to map neurological and psychiatric diseases based on multi-level clinical data to classify and diagnose brain diseases.
 These advanced processors could also be used in robotics to implant brain power to the robots and thereby make them intelligent artificially.
 These man-made brains are of much use in the research field to carry out advanced research.

Ideas for the betterment of Neuromorphic Chips:
 In the present day, it has been noted that there is a lack of awareness among people regarding the artificially intelligent neuromorphic chips due to which there may be an imbalance between production and sale. So, a wise way is to spread awareness regarding the utility these chips may provide so that productivity and sale may go hand in
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