Microscopic Analysis

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Characterization of Ethosomes
Microscopic Examination of Particle Size and Shape Microscopic analysis was performed to determine the average size of ethosomes [7]. A sample of ethosomes was suitably diluted with distilled water in order to observe individual vesicle and a drop of diluted suspension was put on a glass slide covered with cover slip and examined under microscope (magnification 15 × 45 X ). All measurements were performed in triplicates and the formed vesicles were spherical in shape.
Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies Determination of surface morphology (roundness, smoothness and formation of aggregates) of finasteride ethosomal gel with polymer was carried out by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The ethosomal
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Washability of the gel was determined by the following method. A small quantity of gel was applied on the skin. After washing with water it is checked for whether the gel was completely washed out or not. Spreadability was determined by using modified wooden block and glass slide apparatus. A measured amount of gel (0.5 g) was placed on fixed glass slide with a circle of 1cm diameter; the movable pan with a glass slide attached to it and was placed over the fixed glass slide, such that the gel was sandwiched between the two glass slides for 5min. The increase in the diameter due to spreading of the gel was noted and spreadability was determined using the…show more content…
pH, Percentage Drug Content and Content drug Uniformity Solution of 1g of gel dissolved in 30mL of distilled water was prepared and pH was determined by using digital pH meter (Systronics 361) and the results were summarized in the table 3. The drug Content Uniformity [20] was determined by the following method. 1g of gel was dissolved in a 100 mL of phosphate buffer pH 7.4 for 48 hrs with constant stirring using magnetic stirrer. Samples were taken from three different parts of the total ethosomal gel of 1g. Solution was then filtered and observed with UV-spectrophotometer at λmax 254nm. pH of the ethosomal gel formulations were determined by using pH meter.
% Drug content of all the formulations was determined and was found to have a range of 98-100% when UV-Spectrophotometer is used. This shows that drug was dispersed homogenously throughout the gels. The drug content for F13 formulation was found to be higher because of the optimum ethanol concentration.

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