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Abstract This research is intended to elucidate the role of Microsoft Office Excel for Accountants plus the features behind its proclamation as the suitable and reliable software application for accounting processes. Also, the functions of the said accounting software towards the excellent accounting proficiency were accentuated. In order to rally reliable facts and figures, the researchers conducted a survey using stratified sampling. They had selected students in higher years under the programs of Accountancy and Accounting Technology. After garnering their responses, it is concluded that Microsoft Office Excel is indeed the best software application for Accountants as well as for the complex process of accounting. Nevertheless, this software…show more content…
Although Microsoft Excel is a powerful program, will it be enough? Considering that accounting is a process that requires meticulous execution and pinpoint data accuracy, will Microsoft Office Excel do well? Through this study, find out the pros and cons of the said software and its contribution in the world of accounting as well as to business and economic world. It is also intended to compare and contrast Microsoft Office Excel with other software like Open Office. Hence, composition of a comparative table is necessary. Also, this study intended to elucidate the part of Microsoft Office Excel towards achieving precise and accurate financial statements. This will also serve as a reference for students how to use Microsoft Office Excel for basic accounting processes. This could also serve as a guiding tool of the other researchers with regards to the topic. Moreover, this study could help the researchers themselves in the latter part of their chosen…show more content…
Forecasting business budgets can be difficult, but trend analysis in Excel is one popular method that, if done right, can simplify the process” Tech Target (2012) stated. Indeed, the basics of this software can lead to culturing of more complex features. Aside from being a number-friendly application, it can also be functional for forecasting business endeavours and future business tactical plans. According to Fransier (2011) “Excel was practically made for accountants”. Aside from being the useful tool in business world, Microsoft Office Excel had been primarily fashioned for the meticulous profession of accountants. Hence, the creation of the said software is to intentionally make the career of the accountants and other related careers better to accomplish and more comprehensive results are obtained. According to IRS publication 583, “Except in a few cases, the law does not require any specific kind of records”, indeed, the system for recordkeeping for entrepreneurs can be opted by themselves. Numerous individuals and business forms choose Microsoft Office Excel over other software with regards to the record keeping of business data.
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