Microsoft Product Failure

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There is a considerable progress that has been made over the past three decades for developing and improving a new marketing researches by techniques and its similar that have been has in the understanding of consumer behavior. There are 85 percent for consumer goods that are constant some estimates and has remained high of the product failure. There are many factors causes the products success or failure because of most common one factor is managements are failed to understand consumers needs and wants. Marketing managers have to be more experienced and more responsible for a new products because they usually have lot of marketing research information about the new products, whether the product is quality or not and also they want the…show more content…
The current new product that is Microsoft company produce is the best-selling products such as Microsoft Windows operating system, Office suite of software, Xbox a line of games, music and video and Bing, search engines. Front lobby entrance of building 17, one of the largest buildings on Microsoft's main campus, Redmond. In the era of 1980, the Microsoft formed a partnership with IBM by allowing them to bundle up their Microsoft's operating system with IBM computers, paying Microsoft a royalty for every sale. In 1985, IBM were requested to Microsoft write a new operating system for their computers by called OS/2. Microsoft were formed the operating system, but in the same time it also continued to sell their own alternative, which are proved to be in direct competition with OS/2. Microsoft Windows eventually are overshadowed OS/2 in terms of sales in their businesses. When Microsoft company were launched the several versions of Microsoft Windows in the 1990s, they had captured over 90% market share of the world's personal computers overall by main top…show more content…
Flight simulator is a product that was programmed in various series that was marketed as the video games. Flight simulator was the one of the longest running, most comprehensive home for the flight simulator programmes.flight simulator were the longest running software product line for the Microsoft Corporation. m Original XBOX The XBOX proved that Microsoft would create a hardware and appeal to the games and play store. It also having an exclusive titles such as Halo and its one of the most successful divisions in Microsoft nowadays. Windows 95 The third product were designed is Windows 95 that was hugely successful with the operating system that was operating system that are being sold a record setting for 7 million for five weeks. There are almost 95 featured as the first appearance of the taskbar, start menu, maximize and minimize and the close buttons on each window and also it had built in internet support. Windows XP Windows XP is the Microsoft Corporation’s most popular operating system to go to date. It was used widely nowadays and the OS was released in October 2001. MS DOS MC DOS was the first edition that was launched in 1982 and the version was shipped with the IBM’s PC’s were called PC

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