Strategic Thinking Approach

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The main objective of the paper is to reflect on the strategic environment of Microsoft Smartphones operates in and explain it with consideration of strategic management tools and theory. In this way, the paper will also give clear recommendations for options to where organisation position it in future that takes it in implementing new recommendations. Hence, different approaches to management and strategic thinking will be discussed in the paper with respect to interrelating and achieving competitive advantage.

Different Approaches to Management and Strategic Thinking
There is a management by functions, which is based on running the business vertically, cutting the company departments and thereby hampering their interrelationship,
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Strategic management refers to continuous planning, analysing and monitoring that is necessary to meet organisation goals and objectives successfully. Strategic management decisions and actions are critical in determining organisational long-run performance; it requires constant monitoring for any external changes, opportunities or threats. It is a process that includes environmental analysis to understand organisation’s current position, then strategic planning, choices for making important strategic decisions and strategic implementation to transform strategy into action. Strategy is linked to organisation’s mission statement and vision, these constitute the core concepts that allow an organisation to execute its goals; organisation strategy must be edited and improved constantly to move in conjunction with the demands of the external environment (Johnson et al.,…show more content…
From a business perspective, he said, Microsoft has not emphasised on enterprise structures such as support for VPN". There is a prospect for Microsoft to recover the product, both for the company and consumers"(Hempel, 2013).
Although Microsoft has made important changes in their guts, as merging kernel Surface RT operating system to the core Windows Phone operating system to the outside has not changed much, as Fogg, which is not good news for consumers. Regardless of having a common core, applications are not well-matched across platforms, he said (Hempel, 2013).
Currently Microsoft has several operating systems along with screen sizes and processor support. So contrasting to the PC era, where a shared platform and Microsoft software and hardware ecosystem becomes hard to see how Microsoft can be attached hardware, software and services. Possibly, the compatibility of the platform will be insignificant (Gollakota and Kravets,

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