Microsoft Windows Advantages And Disadvantages

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Starting with the definition of an operating system is:- “An Operating System is said to be the soul of any Pentium of computer or the type of computer.”
Microsoft Windows is one of the known used operating systems now-a-days. Now a days windows covers 90% of operating system market stock. The basic reason behind the use of Microsoft Windows is; it is easy-to-use and comes equipped with all the services. Some of the types of operating systems are:
• Open source (OS)
• Real Time Embedded (OS)
• Cloud Computing (OS)

 Open Source (OS):-

“Open source defines as the built program whose source code is universally made available for the consumption and for the betterment this is because developers and users can easily see it.”
Open source licenses affect the way people can use, study, modify, and distribute software. Open sources administrators grant licenses to their users so that they can use in any way they want to use. Some open source licenses are called "copyleft" licenses that they stipulate that if any user releases a modified open source program he/she must also release the source code for that program alongside it. It also include that if a user who alters and shares a program with others must also share that program’s source code without altering any licensing fee for it.
The useful features of Open source (OS) software is that:

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