Microwave Absorber Research Paper

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Overview of study
Electromagnetic waves consist of electric and magnetic fields that oscillate perpendicularly from each other. It can also be called a transverse wave and it propagates through the speed of light through a vacuum.an electromagnetic spectrum consists of 7 segments that are arranged by frequency and wavelength. For example, radio waves, microwaves, infrared (IR), visible light, ultraviolet (UV), X-rays and gamma-rays. Microwave signal is commonly used for point to point communication and radar applications
Microwave absorbers is a material that is used to absorb or reduce unwanted microwave signal that is harmful to humans[1].it can be used internally and externally in a system. Microwave absorbers are made
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The filler material absorbs the microwave signal and the material matrix is used to hold the filler material. The material matrix is usually is made to resist harsh temperatures and weather.
Dielectric microwave absorber uses dielectric mechanism to absorb microwave signals and it is cheaper and lighter compared to magnetic microwave absorber. It differs from magnetic microwave absorber as it does not possess magnetic properties and this reduces its performance in blocking cavity resonance[7].
2.3 Absorber operation
Absorber absorbs unwanted microwave signals and converts it to heat energy[8]. The wave will be attenuated and lose energy due to heat conversion[3]. The rest of the signal is reflected or diffracted[2]. Absorber shapes are created so that it can trap signals travelling through it. The concept is to create a shape where the wave encounters more material as it travels and reflected. Therefore a pyramid or a wedge shape is the most suitable shape for an absorber. Figure 1: Reflectivity of signal in absorber 2.4 Carbon in
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ABS 3D printed object can be painted to any desired color as it is colorless. It is cheap and applicable to any 3D printer.it is also sturdy and has a long lifespan
However, it is toxic at high temperatures, requires a heated bed, non-biodegradable and not suitable to be used with food.

3.0 Methodology
3.1 Project Planning
There are two phases in developing the absorber. The phases are Final Year Project 1 (FYP1) phase and Final Year Project 2 (FYP2).In the first phase which is the Final Year Project 1 also known as FYP1 research on the absorber shape is done as well as project planning and data collection. The absorber is designed using the CST and Solidworks software. The design specification on the absorber is shown in the figure below.

In the second phase which is the Final Year Project 2 or also known as FYP2 the project’s software simulation and hardware construction will be done. Firstly, the absorber will be designed using Solidworks and printed using 3D printer. It is then tested in anechoic chamber and the result is analyzed and

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