Frosty The Snowman Analysis

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Have you ever wondered what happened to Frosty the Snowman after the movie ended? Well, now you can finally have that life long mystery answered with the new Arrow Video Blu-ray release of the "cult classic" Microwave Massacre! If you're confused as shit, read on! Frosty has now apparently transformed from a snowman into a middle-aged man in a dead end relationship. He wakes up every day and heads to his construction job where everyone stands around with hard hats on and holding shovels (hey, just like real government work!) His miserable day is topped off when he opens up his lunch and sees yet another "gourmet" meal from his equally miserable wife. However, maybe things will change now that his wife has bought a fancy new microwave. Things to do change, but not in the way he was hoping. Meals are still just as weird…show more content…
Frosty puts on the charm we all love and hooks up with several working class ladies of the evening and makes dinner plans with them. If you ever wanted to know what Frosty would sound like having sex, this movie is for you! Let's get one thing straight. Microwave Massacre is a terrible film. It feels like you're watching a badly written porn without the lower body nudity-don't worry, there is plenty of boobs to throw around. Save for Frosty himself, XXX-who's actual name in the movie is Donald-everyone is completely over the top in their acting. XXX is the only person to play the role like he is acting in an Oscar-worthy flick. The script was originally meant to be more of a horror film, but the end result was a slapstick, comedy fest of gags and jokes that missed the mark by a mile. Yet, why was I smiling throughout the XX minute runtime? I mean, I know the movie is awful, yet I couldn't help enjoy it. Is there something wrong with me? Maybe it's the charm of the movie that won me over or maybe it's the generous helping of boobies. Yeah, definitely the
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