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Case Study: 1-4 Microwave Oven Summary White Appliances is household appliances manufacturers, which export their product mainly to Europe and the U.S. Previously the company is considering to expand microwave oven line to Indian market because of the economy booming and the change in the market trend. Therefore, the customer has very little knowledge about using microwave to its most potential, the company want to enter the market and need a marketing plan in order to do so. Marketing Microwave Oven for White Appliances A) Situation Analysis for company and market Microwave oven became an essential part of our cooking and kitchen for household around the world because it is convenient and fast in reheat the food. Sometimes it also serves…show more content…
Most of their microwave is targeted at high-model and higher market. The company is mainly exported to the U.S. and Europe but currently looking for the opportunity to enter India market because of the growing economy and possibility to build a manufacturer plant in the country. Indian market is booming and there is a possibility to growth for microwave oven as people tend to turn to use it because of the famous cookbook that suggested them to use microwave oven in cooking Indian food because it is very convenient, easy, fast, create less mess, and still get the same traditional Indian food. The only problem is that many of customers are still lack of knowledge on how to use microwave to its most potential. Market group that is most likely to buy is middle class people which household income is in the range of $4,500 - $ 22,000 annually. There are also two other market groups that can be targeted are “aspirers” (people who hope to join middle class) and high-end class. In the future, small towns can also be targeted because there are plenty of households and it is considered to be 30 percent of the whole…show more content…
Main targets are a family living in a house and also those people who lives in an apartment that have too very little space to fit the stove countertop. We are targeting modern, age between 25 – 45 years old who live in the city and urban area first but in the same time will try to expand the market to traditional family. C) Marketing Goals To be second biggest brand in the market during the first three years by acquire about 30 percent of marker share for microwave oven. Later on enter the market with other home appliances product such as small grill/ toaster oven, or etc., and to become one of the household name for home appliances in India. D) Marketing Plan (4Ps) Marketing Mix (4Ps) • Product – Divide product into three categories for different market o High-end function, design, and price – to target high-end group. The function will feature the highest potential such as child protection lock, built-in coffee and toaster maker, rotisserie, new technology

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