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DEFINITION OF MID – DAY MEAL PROGRAM-ME  Mid – Day Meal Program-me was introduced by the National Program-me of Nutrition Support of Primary Education.
 Mid – Day Meal Program-me is a program-me based on the school meal program-me which was introduced by the government of India to enhance the nutritional status of school aged children overall in India.
 Mid – Day Meal program-me enhances three areas that is school attendance, reduces or decreases school dropouts and a favourable impact on the nutritional status of children.
 In 1925, the first Mid – Day Meal Program-me was introduced for disadvantaged children in Madras Municipal Corporation.
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The Questionnaire/Checklist/Multiple Choice Questions was used to assess the performance of Mid-day Meal Program-me in the schools. The Questionnaire includes various points related to condition of food served, quality and quantity of food served, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, health department, etc.
The Dietary Methods was used to assess the nutritional status of each students in the schools. The Dietary Methods includes 24 hour recall method and diet history. This is the method in which standardised cups are used to aid the respondent recall of the quantities prepared and fed to the individual member and note the previous whole day menu i.e. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Evening Time and Dinner.
The Anthropometry methods was used to assess the Height for Age, Weight for Age and Weight for Height. The Anthropometry methods includes different methods such as Height, Weight, and Mid Upper Arm Circumference. The Anthropometry measurement was done by using Inch tape for Height, Weighing Balance for Weight and MUAC tape for MUAC.


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