Mid-Semester Reflection Essay

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Mid-Semester Reflection Aron Miller PADR-0021-017 Dr. Montecillo Upon my completion of the FOCUS assessment, I found that results were what I expected them to be. This is mostly because I am now a senior and therefore should and do know what’s expected of me. I will not be changing my major or my minor because I believe anthropology and sociology will give me the best résumé for law school and maybe even future jobs. After I receive my degree from Texas Tech, I plan to apply for law school in the greater Houston or Dallas areas. Growing up as a child I always looked up to the ‘tough’ lawyers on TV who always wore the nice suits and looked important. However, to mysef to get into law school I have to study and hopefully preform…show more content…
I commonly confuse the material and sometimes relate it to the wrong idea. However, by using the tutoring center I have grown to making this mistake less commonly and have shown improvements in test scores. One thing that could affect my overall grades is my attendance. More times than not, I learn best from doing it myself and not just by listening to others talk about it. This is why I choose to do most of my work outside of the classroom. With that being said, I understand the reasons for attendence and have the outmost respect for the rules. But as a personal note, I find that some courses can sometimes be less beneficial from being in the class because the professor might have an accent or an argument that confuses me more times than not. Another way I have improved my grades is by utilizing the members at the tutoring center. The goals that I have made for myself throughout the rest of the semester are to utilize my time better as well as to study for my tests and taking care of my priorities first hand. Throughout the past, it was common for me to blow off anything that was a priority or seen as an inconvenience to myself. However, I quickly learned that this is not how the ‘real world’ works and is completely unacceptable. The most beneficial component of PADR for me is the responsibility the course forces you to learn as well as
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