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Mid-south Covenant Camp is a summer camp organized by the Mid-south Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church and located in Grapeland, TX, where we rent
Frontier Camp.The primary goal of the camp is to show each camper the love, knowledge, and saving power of Jesus Christ.
Counselors in Leadership Training (CILT) is a learning track for qualified high school students who have an interest in developing leadership skills and becoming camp counselors. They attend special CILT training sessions while at camp and participate in regular cabin and camp activities where they get "hands on" training experience. CILT applications are due by June 1 and upon acceptance into the CILT program, they register as a camper. Camper registration and deposit due June 15. CILT registration cost is 375. I felt God was calling me for this position this last summer, a position I was hesitant my first three years of being a high school
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Do you do what your friends tell you to do? Do you do what the media tells you to do? Is that how you make decisions in your life? If this is how you live your life, then you are just a robot, programmed to live the way the world wants you to live. We wanted the campers to confidently say at the end of the week "I am NOT a robot!" "I will not do what others and the media tell me to do. I will do what pleases God instead" This was not an easy task at all, it took a whole lot of thought provoking experiences for the campers to transform themselves, even if it was just for the one week. We had some very emotional nights at times after chapel, but that was a big reason why the campers didn 't want to leave on the last day. They had built such a strong bond with us CILTs and counselors that they couldn 't stop talking about us on their long drives back

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