Nothing Gold Can Stay Analysis

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The affect change has in its surroundings and anything involved could be very detrimental depending on the situation. The poems “Mid-Term Break” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” are similar, for they are both poems that talk about change. Throughout these poems, it is displayed that change has negative effects on surroundings because what comes first, the youth that is considered precious, comes to an end and what to follow in second best. The first stage of life is precious and when it changes, or ages, a period of grief comes as a result. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a poem written by Robert Frost in the early 1930’s. Most of Robert’s poems are written about the natural world, and this particular poem uses nature to focus on how death and change is inevitable (Spacey, Nothing Gold Can Stay). This short poem…show more content…
Seamus wrote most of his poems based on memories or life events that occurred in his past. This poem is written about the funeral atmosphere of his house that followed by the death of his brother who was killed by getting hit by a car (Spacey, Mid-term Break). “Mid-term Break” talks about a college student that is going home for spring break to a horrific situation caused by a heartbreaking, sudden change. The poem tells a story throughout its course, but it opens up on a college student in class just waiting for the school day to come to a close. When the classes finally come to and end, the college students neighbor took him home to a house full of mourning adults. These adults made the fourteen year old student feel old by the condolences they offer. After watching his father cry on the porch and his mother “cough out angry tearless sighs,” the student went up to the room and saw his four year old brothers corpse lying in a box with a bruise on his temple (Line 13). The bruise on the forehead is a reference that the death was caused by an impact of a car, which is actually how his own brother
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