Midas And The Golden Touch Essay

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Stories can be told in many forms and are often told in different variations. Even though, some story are better than other, a person still has to keep in account to why a story is told the way is being told. In Ovid’s story Midas and the golden touch, the story is told in a simple way and more understandable. On the other hand, In Aristotle’s Politics when he talks about money, it is a more in depth story. Even when he bring the story of Midas, he tells it in his own way. In Midas and the golden touch, Midas is a king in which he was granted a wish by a God. However, he was not wise enough to make the right decision and made a wish in which everything he touches will turn into gold. He was happy at first with his wish, but after a while it did not fulfilled him. In the end, he begged the god for forgiveness and his sin was wash away. By having the story short, Ovid is able to make his point clear. Even though, the story is short, it still has many strengths. To start off, Ovid does gives the reader the narrative transport. While reading…show more content…
In Ovid’s story, the reader is able to notice that Midas had a desire to have more riches, but in the end he does realize that his wish does not fulfill him because he is not able to eat. When Aristotle makes reference to Midas, the reader is able note that by having riches a person is able to become satisfied because they are able to trade it with what they desire. Coming into conclusion, of the both stories, a reader can say the perhaps Midas wanted to have to touch of gold because his wanted to have more things to stratified him. I do find reading the story of Ovid first because it is simple story that the reader is able to get. Whereas, Aristotle is a philosopher and his story can get complicated. Another reason for this is because Aristotle makes reference to Midas and by having already read the story of Midas, the reader is able to get a sense of the
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