Personal Narrative: I Am A Middle Child

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I am a middle child, yet I am not the yelling, screaming, dramatic kid who strives to get others’ attention. I am probably the only middle child in the world who doesn’t hunger for the spotlight to shine on them as they act in idiotic ways to gain scraps of validation.
I remember the very day that I became a middle child. Up to my sixth year I lived as the youngest child, bathing in the attention of my father. We did everything together, played games, washed our hands, and took naps together. The only time I experienced was daddy daughter time. My life was a movie montage of my father and I doing everything together, while my sister and mother had their own life in the background. It was the perfect dynamic of one parent to one child, but
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I enjoy time alone, yet I understand the feelings of being left behind. I sympathize with the other middle children out in the world, who get lonely and feel that the only way to get attention is to make a scene. I did not chose to be a middle child. I never feel as if I was one until someone points it out. I always assumed it was my personality that caused me enjoy being alone and to detest attention. I never felt as if I was a middle child until someone pointed out that it wasn’t normal to enjoy being alone. I feel like a middle child the most when I am thrown into social situations where I see parents give all of their attention to their children. Parents and children overshare their feelings and do not understand the value of personal…show more content…
When I pick up a good book and loose track of time sitting in my room, ignoring the outside world, living in a fantasy, for instance. I am not the middle child of my family, or the one who gets forgotten, I am someone who can become anything. I have no separate feelings about being a middle child and being part of my family. I know they love me. They may not show their love in the ways they express it to other family members, but I know. I am a piece of a puzzle. I am not the crucial corner pieces, or vibrant colored side, but I am part of the puzzle. Everyone is a piece in their family puzzle, whether it be a corner, side or middle, everyone needs to come together to complete the crazy puzzle that is family. All pieces are unique. It doesn't matter what kind of pieces you are, or what side is round or square. A puzzle is not complete without all of the pieces even if they are last to be picked doesn’t mean they are not as
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