Middle Children: The Challenges Of Being A Middle Child

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Topic: They say that being a middle child is unfortunate, but in my experience being one is the biggest blessing in disguise. I was born on November 28, 1995, the second child in my family. I enjoyed the title of being the youngest in the family for two years until my brother was born and I got a new position of being a middle child. You all have heard that being a middle child means that our voice and opinions are neglected and we have to struggle harder and harder to get our parent’s attention. But for me being a middle child natured me of who I am today; a better being. In every family, children are treated according to their ranks or hierarchy. The oldest child is considered as leader of the pack; parents think that they are the one who will earn a living when they would retire. The youngest child is the baby of the bunch. Something parents want to hold onto and savor. It 's always, “Oh my goodness, how cute you are! It seems like only yesterday you were in diapers!” But what does that leave for the middle child; nothing. Now the challenge that the middle child faces is that he finds himself squeezed between two other siblings who get most of the attention. Psychologist wrote many research papers on middle child through observations and gave it a more depressing label namely “Middle Child Syndrome.” Psychologist says that being a victim of this syndrome have various negative impact on the child. As most of parent’s attention goes to oldest and youngest siblings so
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