Middle Class In Africa Essay

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In Africa, Nairobi is the most relaxing and appealing locations with multiple cities for investors and people. It is known for its malls and highways. There’s beginning to be speculation around Africa’s middle class. The middle class were the only population in Africa with the most money. Since this is the stipulation, businesses are having problems increasing their sales in Africa. Some businesses ended up alternating their original plans/ideas for investment in order to not lose profit. Some thought this was a good idea, but it only decreased their investment from losing a huge amount. As stated in the article, for example, “Diageo a big drinks firm, announce it was investing in selling more Guinness beer in Nigeria, quietly giving up on a plan to push its expensive vodka and whisky.” This has not put a halt on investor from investing in to Africa because it is still a growing country with great potential and a large population.
Furthermore, on average, it was reported that the middle class made, “$4 to $20 a day”, for a total annual income of about $5,500 or more. In the area of the
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Foreign investors put most of their money where the middle classes were located; such activity lead to more malls being built. I would recommend Africa to obtain control over their money that’s being held outside of the continent. The money can be used to reinvest in the country to help promote growth in poor cities and innovation. Manufacturing in Africa seems to be one of the hardest things to invest in. Africa could mimic the style of others to figure out the steps and procedures to successfully establishing a manufacturing plant. Investors will continue to invest in Africa due to its large population and resources that it has to offer. Once they get a hold of it and gain structure, industrialization will be faster and investment opportunities will be better for the
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