Middle Class Tax Cuts

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Tax cuts and the middle class. The most important social class in America is shrinking at an alarming rate. The middle class, the driver of the economy is becoming few and are between. This is impart by stagnant wages and salaries for low skill jobs that need little to no education but also huge tax breaks for the tip top 1% makes the middle class pay for what is lost from them. Not only are the percentages that the middle class is taxed are high. The percentages never go up again after reaching a certain annual income. This is a fundamental flaw in the US tax code. But some people mostly upper class tax payers and political lobbyist do not think it is real. Our newest civil rights struggle is the income gap between the rich and the poor. Many call a solution to this socialism but without a problem there would be no need for a solution. Tax cuts have enables the richest people to keep almost 99% of their annual income. This has weakened our social security and created an income gap while they pay for almost 50% of the tax revenues in the United States. They have not paid their fair share is almost twenty years. Showing a fundamental problem. Not only has a gap been made but the citizens of the United States of America have be subjected to poverty and low class…show more content…
Almost half of the people that have moved from being middle class to below the poverty line are single parent homes. Not only has this crippled these families but is has also created an influx of people of public assistance programs such as food stamps and WIC. The tax breaks for each individual are multiplied by two with married couples filing jointly. These means the 29% of stay out home moms with and sort of income are getting an astronomical tax break. Even though this is not inherently bad this still mostly benefits the upper class yet it can help some middle and lower class tax
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